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 寺井結子 Yuiko Terai
Yuiko Terai
★レコーディング・アーティスト Recording Artists
■ プロフィール
 独奏のみならず、同世代の邦楽家との協働も活発で、2011年「邦楽四重奏団」を結成。過去11回の定期公演の他、CD「邦楽四重奏団 野田暉行邦楽作品集」収録、「邦楽四重奏団プレイズ 下山一二三 邦楽個展」、「未来に伝える三善晃の世界」、「邦楽四重奏団ニューヨーク公演(Asia Society・国際交流基金主催)」、「札幌コンサートホールkitaraランチコンサート」、「三井住友海上文化財団ときめくひとときコンサート(真庭市久世エスパスセンター/蔵王町ふるさと文化会館ございんホール)」に出演。その演奏は高い評価を得ている。上記の野田作品CDは『レコード芸術』(音楽之友社/2016年12月号)にて特選盤、『音楽現代』(芸術現代社/2017年1月号)にて推薦盤に選ばれた。

■ Profile
Born in Fukushima City in 1984. From the age of 3, learned Ikuta school Koto works from Kyoko Sato and then studied under Yuko Endo and Chiaki Endo. Graduated from Fukushima Prefectural Fukushima Girls High School and The Traditional Japanese Music Department of Tokyo University of the Arts. During the university days, awarded Miyagi Award and Doseikai Award. Completed the master’s degree of music research department at the graduate school of the university.
Completed NHK the 55th NHK traditional Japanese music training program “Hougaku Ginousha Ikuseikai“. In 2010, acted as the concert mistress at the graduation concert at NHK Hall. Awarded the second prize at 17th Kenjun Memorial National Koto Competition. Passed NHK Japanese Traditional Music Audition Appeared in ’Hougaku no Hitotoki’ and ’Hougaku Hyakuban’ on NHK-FM.
With her high level of competence for reading staff notation, tackled modern music works without hesitation, and played Shamisen solo of ‘Landscape with Rainbow’ by Michio Kitazume with Yasuaki Itakura (conductor) and Gendai Souzou Tokyo at second Gendai Souzou Tokyo’s scheduled concert (2017). Appeared in ‘Music Crossroad’ (2018) hosted by Kanagawa Kenritsu Ongakudo (Prefectural Concert Hall) with Mr. Toshi Ichiyanagi as Artistic Director, and performed ‘Scattering System’ by Kazutomo Yamamoto (2015) with Yoichi Sugiyama (conductor) and Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra.
Played ‘Density’ by Toshi Ichiyanagi at Wagakki Renaissance (organized by Japanese Cultural Heritage Initiatives, Columbia University) (2018) and ‘Linked Poems of Autumn – for Koto’ at ‘MUSICA CRAS GIFU’ (2019), and for both of which, was given advice directly from the composer and devoted to research and studies. This was the momentum to empathize with the music by Mr. Ichiyanagi and gave opportunity to become familiarized with various music pieces of the past.
As well as the solo performances, actively engaged with co performances with the contemporary Japanese traditional music artists, and in 2011, formed ‘Hougaku Quartet’. In addition to the previous 11 scheduled concerts, recorded the CD ‘Teruyuki Noda : Works for Japanese Instruments / Hougaku Quartet’ and appeared in ‘Hougaku Quartet Plays Japanese Music Individual Exhibition by Hifumi Shimoyama,’ ‘The World of Akira Miyoshi for the Future,’ ‘Hougaku Quartet Concert in New York’ (Asia Society / Japan Foundation), ‘Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara Lunch Concert,’ ‘Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Cultural Foundation Tokimeku Hitotoki Concert,’ (Maniwa City Kuse Espace Centre / Zao City Furusato Bunka Kaikan Gozain Hall). Her performance is highly acclaimed. The above-mentioned CD with the works by Noda has been selected as the special CD by ‘The Record Geijutsu’ (Ongaku no Tomo Sha / December 2016 edition) and as the recommended CD by ‘Ongaku Gendai’ (Geijutsu Gendai Sha / January 2017 edition).
Engages in a wide variety of music from the classical to the modern works and at the same time, actively works to spread the Japanese music in order to propagate the beauty of uniquely Japanese music. Grand Master at the Miyagi School of the Ikuta-ryu. (Public Interest Incorporated Association) Member of the Japan Sankyoku Association, Morinokai, Modern Japanese Music ‘Ko,’ Myoyukai, and the Fukushima Prefecture Sankyoku Federation. Member of Hougaku Quartet.

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CMCD-28382 寺井結子プレイズ一柳慧邦楽作品集
Yuiko Terai plays Toshi Ichiyanagi’s Koto Works