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 パオロ・フランチェスキーニ Paolo Franceschini
Paolo Franceschini
★レコーディング・アーティスト Recording Artists
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Studied violin under Arnoldo Apostoll at the F. Morlacchi Conservatory in Perugia and graduated there with the maximum number of votes and rave reviews. He went on to the Academy of St. Cecillia in Rome, where he studied with the prestigious teacher Pina Carmirelli. Dedicating himself largely to chamber music, he studied with Riccardo Brengola and Franco Rossi. At the same time, he began playing chamber music in concert with the piano or other instruments. In Italy he has played for prestigious concert societies and recorded extensively with RAI. Outside Italy he has played many concerts in Germany, Austria, Romania, Spain, Mexico, Egypt and Greece, winning high praise from both critics and audiences. He was concertmaster and producer of a string orchestra “Sinfonia Perusina”, and the Symphony Orchestra of Umbria. He is now a professor in the violin department of the F. Morlacchi Conservartory. He plays a precious Marino Capicchioni, generously donated by Pina Carmirelli. He is concertmaster of chamber orchestra “i Solisti di Perugia”.

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CMCD-28014 クラヴィオルガンによる ハイドン:協奏曲集
Haydn: Concerti e Divertimenti

CMCD-28280 ヴィヴァルディ:四季/フランチェスキーニ,ブリツィ,イ・ソリスティ・ディ・ペルージャ
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons / Paolo Franceschini, Claudio Brizi, I SOLISTI DI PERUGIA

CMCD-99077~8 ロマンティック・パールズ~珠玉のハーモニウム=チェレスタ作品集/クラウディオ・ブリツィ 他
Harmonium Pearls—Mustel Harmonium-Célesta 1897 / Claudio Brizi

CMCD-28299 リスト:ピアノ三重奏曲集/C.カテーナ、P.フランチェスキーニ、C.カサディ
Liszt: Piano Trios / C.Catena, P.Franceschini & C.Casadei

CMCD-28330 バッハ:オーボエ協奏曲集/トーマス・インデアミューレ
J.S.Bach: Oboe Concertos & Partita / Thomas Indermühle


CMBD-80004 ヴィヴァルディ:四季/フランチェスキーニ,ブリツィ,イ・ソリスティ・ディ・ペルージャ【Blu-ray】
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons / Paolo Franceschini, Claudio Brizi, I SOLISTI DI PERUGIA [Blu-ray]